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On Friday a special package arrived on my doorstep. From Italy. I tore open the box, eager to check out the wedding album of one of my 2012 wedding couples. How heavy the book, how thick the pages, how beautiful to take in an entire wedding without a computer screen. In this day and age, many of my clients choose not to order a keepsake, archival, lifetime album from me, which I understand.

But there is always that small sense of regret. I grew up poring over my parent’s yearbooks, fascinated by the hair, the clothes, the letter jackets. I would look through bins of old snapshots, blurring the distinction between actual memories and visual reminders of a trip to Disney World, New York City, or the beach. And now there is the wall of family photos in our kitchen. I take comfort in being surrounded by my then young grandparents standing in front of a chain link fence in Brooklyn, Rob’s uncles as kids posing on some sort of little pony, and Rob’s ancestor who fought for the north in the Civil War. I worry a little that my clients who don’t order an album or print images are missing out on reliving the memories, the emotion, the love of their day and missing out on sharing this love with others.

So I just wanted to remind you, that wedding albums and prints are products that I do offer. Contact me at info@susannahphoto.com for pricing and options.


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