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Colorado Mother Daughter Family Portraits

Lifestyle Family Portraits Taken in Boulder, Colorado

Rambling Intro

As I create this blog post, my boys and husband are watching Toy Story 3. It’s the ending of the movie and the boy (in the movie) is off to college. He is giving away his beloved Woody, Buzz Light-year, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and other toys to a young girl. My boys are asking about college and we tell them it is the first time they’ll move away from us. And I am sitting here sobbing, and then rolling my eyes at myself for sobbing.

Because I know that in the blink of an eye, their rooms will be empty. They’ll be off to college too.

Raising my two boys who are 17 months apart is incredibly hard for me. I grew up an only child who was content to read books and watch t.v. all day long. There were hours and hours of quiet time, reflection time, uninterrupted imagination time. And with two rambunctious boys who roughhouse, fight, and always need me–there is no quiet.

And I know this already–the quiet that I will one day have again will be bittersweet. Too quiet. Too lonely.

Just like I know that my youngest won’t always wake me up at 6:30 a.m. requesting/demanding to snuggle. Or that he’ll say no even more often when I reach for his hand as we walk down the sidewalk. Or the hugs may not happen quite as much as they do now.

Mother Daughter Family Portraits Love

And that’s why I love this mini session. These are mother daughter lifestyle family portraits–forget the forced, posed photos. Instead the images show a little girl snuggling with/holding onto/reaching for her mom. And a mom who is stunningly beautiful and happy with her sweet child.

These are the moments that I will hold dear forever. The moments that I wish to have photographed so that when the boys do go off to college, so that when the house is too quiet again, I can look at us and feel the little hands, the soft cheeks, the fine hair. And so that one day, when the images get passed down to the boys or even to their children, they’ll see a beautiful mom radiating love for her children.

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Mother Daughter Lifestyle Family PortraitsColorado Mother Daughter Lifestyle Family PortraitsColorado Lifestyle Family Photos

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