boys and mom snuggle on a bed during an in home family photography session

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Colorado In Home Family Photography – Perfect in Winter

It’s snow season, mud season, and everything in between here in Colorado. That doesn’t mean you need to put off family portraits until spring, summer, fall..sure, you could have an outdoor photography session in the snow, but you could skip all that and book a Colorado in home photography session instead.

(Or maybe you have a ski cabin you would like to include in family photos. How fun to have the documented memories of your family have the time of their lives?! Same idea–the text pertains to you, and I do travel for photography sessions!)

No need to worry about the weather or being cold or toddlers getting grumpy from the cold or having to reschedule…just get it done! (And we can always hop outside for a few snow photos if that is what you are set on capturing!)

Having your photo session in the comfort of your own home offers a personal (and unique) experience that’s perfect for families who are looking for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

in home lifestyle family photo session

Perks of having a Colorado in home family photography session

1. Shows Your Story

An in-home family photography session showcases your family’s personality and style. The photos will feature your home’s decor, your kids’ toys, and your family pets you love. All of these elements help to tell your family’s unique story. This can lead to more meaningful and sentimental photos that you’ll treasure for years to come.

(I grew up in same house my entire life, until I moved to Colorado. How could would it be to have my childhood bedroom captured in professional photos? There was the years of all the stuffies, then the years when the walls were painted yellow and covered in Beatles posters. I don’t even remember what my room looked like the last several years I was home.)

boys and mom snuggle on a bed during an in home family photography session

2. Everyone Can Take Breaks

With an in-home session, everyone can take breaks as needed, and return refreshed and happy. Partner need to answer some emails? Have her/him TCB baby, and then come back to us. If a kid is grumpy, they can regroup among their favorite things while I photograph you and another kiddo.

a daughter having fun jumping on a bed

3. Young Kids Love Showing Off Their Space

This is the easiest in with the kid set: have them take me on a tour of your home and show me their room. Way easier to get buy-in than in a place I’ve never met them before. And buy-in is going to translate to engagement and cuteness and fun in family photos. For you, this means you’ll be relaxed, and the final images will be more natural and full of beautiful candid moments.

A young girl holds up a metal sign during a photo session at her home

4. Snacks

With an in-home family photography session, there’s no need to scramble around your pantry, trying to grab any snack that will perk up your kids if you were meeting me outside on a brisk day. We can take snack breaks during our time together, or your partner can feed the kids, and we can even capture snack time. (My boys were so into berries–I wouldn’t mind photos of them as babes plowing through raspberries and strawberries.)


5. Not Too Cold

Kids don’t like being cold–it 5000% makes them cranky unless they are bundled up. And most parents tend to under dress their kiddos during late fall/winter photo shoots because they want their kids to look cute, and bulky coats don’t always look cute.

Also, to be honest, I don’t like being cold.

With an in-home family photography session, everyone can stay warm and cozy inside.

black and white film photograph of a boy reading a book on a bed

6. Wear What You Want

When you have a photo session in
 your own home, you don’t need to worry about the outside weather. Wear what you want. (And I am happy to help you come up with outfits for your family.)

7. Easy for Busy Families

Having a family photography session in your home eliminates the stress of getting out of the house with multiple kids, running 5 minutes late, and arriving to a photo session feeling frazzled.

You don’t have to worry about traffic, parking, or getting lost (which can happen if you are heading to a mountain spot that has spotty cell service)(this is even the case in parts of Lyons and of course the Boulder Foothills).

And you won’t have to worry about weather conditions that could cause the session to be rescheduled.

Interested in booking your Colorado in home family photography session? Now What?!

Fill out the contact form on this site, and let me know where your home is, as well as some dates that work for you. I also love to know how many people will be present, with the ages of any kids.

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