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Cute Family on St. John’s Campus and Beyond | Annapolis Family Photographers

Annapolis Family Photographers?!

If I hadn’t moved to Colorado all those years ago, that could be one of my taglines/keywords! Alas, in 2003 I packed up my vinyl records and headed west to the Rocky Mountains with my best girl / canine companion / navigator Chloe. But I was lucky enough to head back to Annapolis to end my 2018 family photography season. I photographed a lovely family on the campus of St. John’s College, on Maryland Avenue, and then around the City Dock. While I was photographing Eric, Megan, and their kiddos, I couldn’t help but remember the time one of my girlfriends and I crashed a party at the college. We must have been ending a night out at the bars of Annapolis…but in my memory I was completely sober, so I am not really sure…at any rate, we heard loud live music bumping from one of the big brick buildings on campus. We decided to check it out, and ended up enjoying the live band and giggling. The memory is hazy–what I remember most is all the giggling with my friend and how it felt like life was full of possibilities.

Keep scrolling for the Annapolis, Maryland family photography.

St. John’s College

We met up at St. John’s College. Because it had literally rained for almost two weeks prior to our session (maybe not quite, but it was a wet December for Maryland), most of the earth in the Annapolis area was saturated. And who wants kiddos playing in wet grass and lots of mud on a cold winter day? When brainstorming of a session location, the hill on the campus of St. John’s intrigued me. Maybe the majority of the water would be towards the bottom, meaning the sloped lawn wouldn’t be so awful?! So St. John’s it was. Below are images from the campus–isn’t it pretty? Living in Colorado, I miss the old brick buildings and cobblestone of Annapolis. And the water too, of course.

Maryland Avenue and More

After we had our fill of the campus, we made our way to Downtown Annapolis. First, we strolled along Maryland Avenue. Oh, the State House is one of my favorite Annapolis landmarks. (Did you know that the Maryland State House is the oldest U.S. state capitol in continuous legislative use, dating to 1772? Me! I know that! And from Maryland Avenue, we walked around several other cute streets…maybe Cornhill St. for more photos. The colorful buildings always make me smile. And when cute kids are hanging out near them and I am taking photos…that’s an even broader smile from me.

Annapolis City Dock Family Photos

We parted ways after a quick trip to the City Dock. I took a few portraits of Megan, Eric, and the kiddos here, but we really just headed there to check out the water…because no leisurely visit to Annapolis is complete without walking up and down the docks. Preferably with an ice cream cone from Storm Brothers. Which we skipped this warm-ish December day, but I did get one at least one of the days of my December visit.

I hope you enjoyed these family photos! You can see wedding day photos of the parents here:

Megan + Eric’s Deep Creek Lake Wedding

If you have any favorite Annapolis, Maryland spots, leave a comment! I’d love to feel excited for my hometown!

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  1. Alison Brohm says:

    Wow.These are colorful fun pictures capturing a beautiful family. I so enjoyed looking at these photographs.

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