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March 19, Utah Treats Me Right Again

I love Utah. I love Colorado too, of course, but when I go to the Moab area, I start to wonder things like: How was our earth created? Who created it? How old is it? How do these big rock formations even exist? To me, the Moab area is a direct link to some unknown life force of this world. I probably felt that about the mountains of Colorado at some point, but I am now spoiled, so it takes a desert landscape with amazing rocks and red dirt to help give me that perspective again.

I was in Utah to run in the Canyonlands Half Marathon. The day before the race, a friend and I headed to Dead Horse Point State Park to check out the scenery. I had been there once before, about 7 years ago. Back then I had my film camera and kit lens and was playing around with aperture and shutter speed. This time I had the big guns with me, my 70-200mm lens on my Canon 5D Mark II. So much more fun, and I knew what I was doing.

I didn’t take too many photos due to the time constraint of the race and all, and I can’t wait to get back out there. I could easily spend an entire month traveling to places with names like Kodachrome, Escalante, the Flaming Gorge. One day!

All images © Susannah Allen 2012

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  1. Kristy Rowe says:

    Beautiful shots. We just drove to Vegas and I so wished we had more time to stop and explore these spots. Love the shot of the basin. Incredible!

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