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Earlier this year I headed out to capture Denver family portraits. The sweet mama found out about the in home photography special that I was offering, and decided to schedule a session. She mentioned to me that she liked the ease of it all. (As in not having to pack up a young babe, two older sisters, her husband, herself…and then head to a different location to get portraits taken.) I sure hear that! Getting out of the house with my two young boys is difficult enough, and adding the challenge of everyone looking sharp…yikes!

Below are a few of the images we captured on that day. And, be sure to keep scrolling down after you look through them. I have a tip for all parents who have schedule a photography session with a professional photographer. And, there is also info on how to sign up for my mailing list so that you can be aware of future photography deals. (Ahem, there may be one coming up in May!)

All images © Susannah Allen 2018

A Simple Tip for All Parents Who Have Scheduled Family Portraits with a Professional Photographer

You guys, this tip is super simple.

When I headed out to take these family portraits, the roads were super sketchy north of Denver. As in, the most wrecks I have ever seen on the roads in Colorado. (And I’ve driven I-70 during the worst of  blowing, blinding snowstorms.) I almost turned around, but as I traveled south, they got better.

But, the point is, make sure you have access to your cell phone (or landline if you still have one of those)(I wish I did) before a photography session…just in case your photographer is trying to get a hold of you! Super simple tip, but as a parent I often leave the ringer off/don’t carry my iPhone everywhere with me, and I’d easily miss a phone call that could be about photography session changes! In fact…I am pretty sure I may have missed such a call once from my own family photographer due to summer thunderstorms. Oops.

Wanna’ be kept in the loop about photography special with Susannah Storch Photography?

Again, this family booked their Denver family portraits as part of a photography special that I was offering earlier in the year. To stay in the loop about photography deals, first dibs on mini sessions, and photography tips, sign up for my mailing list. (I only send about one email a month, if that.)

Also, new list members get access to a $100 discount right off the bat…just sayin’… (But that offer cannot be combined with mini session rates.)

To sign up, keep scrolling to the bottom of this page and opt-in on the bottom left.

Outfit tips for winter family photography sessions.

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