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Colorado Wedding Album by Artifact Uprising

A Colorado Source for Wedding Albums

Back when I was a young college graduate, I read a book that touted one of the main ways I can impact our world is through my money. This has always stuck with me, and I try to spend my money on companies that: promote my ideals of environmentalism; support USA small businesses/makers/artisans or fair labor in other countries; or are women-owned. And when I stumble across a company that fulfills all three of these…YAY YAY YAY! Artifact Uprising is a Colorado-based company founded by two women (who also used to be wedding photographers!) that also promotes pro-environment standards in their product. I use them for my personal photographic prints, calendar gifts, and for vendor wedding albums.

Artifact Uprising recently introduced a layflat photo album, and because I wanted to make a wedding album for the Chautauqua Dining Hall / Three Leaf Catering, I decided to test out their new product. I absolutely love the canvas color, of which I chose an earthy olive green. The gold foil lettering was great, and when I first held the book, I felt like I was holding a cherished old library book (have you been in a book store or library lately and sniffed the smell of all those books?!). I chose the Mohawk Superfine paper in the Eggshell Finish, and you can see the texture/finish in some of the below photos. I don’t always do full-page panoramic spreads in my photography albums, but I decided to test it out in this book, and love the results (again, see below). Also, the pages are super thick and substantial (and, of course, they lay flat).

I definitely enjoyed using Artifact Uprising for this Colorado wedding album for Chautauqua. I would love to use them for all of you clients out there, but their model is set up so that you can easily make your own albums, prints, and other products. So check them out the next time you have a hankering to get your images off of your digital devices and into your life!!!


All images © Susannah Allen 2016

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