Colorado Hot Air Balloon Wedding {Boulder, CO}

When I watch large television and movie screens and the actors are standing on the edge of a skyscraper, I feel quite anxious. If the camera zooms from the top of the building, down the side towards to street, my stomach feels a little sick. When (or perhaps I should say the few times that I have) I rock climb (ed), I could go up all day (if my muscles let me), but coming down is a little spooky with the whole heights thing. But when I got the request to photograph a hot air balloon wedding, I ignored these little uncertainties, and eagerly accepted. I mean, an early morning ride above Boulder, Colorado while witnessing the love between two people–it sounded amazing. Luckily on the big day, I was so involved with photographing the wedding couple and their guests, that the hot air balloon ride didn’t phase me in the slightest. Enjoy these scenic wedding photos!

All images © Susannah Storch Photography 2013

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