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Colorado Family Photo Session at Boulder’s Chautauqua

Family Photo Session at Boulder’s Chautauqua

Outdoor Family Photography Location – Chautauqua

To be honest, these photos are pretty dated, especially when you consider how quickly toddlers grow! I photographed this lovely family photo session at Boulder’s Chautauqua on a cool spring day back in 2015. In addition to enjoying the family, we all got to enjoy Chautauqua Park. I love photographing there because a) I got married there b) every view is gorgeous c) the flowers and plant-life are stunning d) the vibe of the park is just so welcoming and friendly and perfect for families. If you are in the Boulder area and are not sure where to hold your photo session, consider Chautauqua!

Additional Outdoor Family Photo Session Locations

No need to hold your family photo session at Boulder’s Chautauqua Boulder. In fact, even gorgeous Chautauqua has its downfalls–too many photographers on summer and fall evenings! Limited parking on weekends!

Additional photo session ideas:

Your Home and Yard!!!
This is my favorite place to photograph families for the first time. Indoor light is captivating. Kids love showing off their rooms. Partners get breaks throughout the session. The photos will better tell your family’s story.

Your Neighborhood Park
To be honest, I don’t love colorful playground equipment in photos (it’s okay for several shots, but not every frame needs that distracting color!), but local parks and green spots are another great option for family photos. Once again, they may be more meaningful than busy, crowded Chautauqua. Your kids may be more familiar with a neighborhood park, and eager to show it off. And, being close to home, they are less stressful to get to.

Other Iconic Parks and Places
The list could go on forever! In Boulder, Flagstaff Mountain has so many options, and great light reflects off the rocks. South Boulder Trail (but parking can be such a problem!!!) is a favorite. Wonderland Lake, Eben G Fine Park, and Pearl Street are areas I have photographed families. In Louisville, the Marshall Mesa area is popular. In Longmont, I am often at Golden Ponds or Thompson Park. I prefer to brainstorm with you places that off the beaten path or meaningful to make your photos more interesting than the standard Flatirons family photos.

How To Choose a Photo Session Location

Contact me! Fill out my contact form and let me know if you are open to your home (you don’t have to go a 2-day cleaning bender to prepare, I promise!) or what spots are meaningful to you. Let me know where your kids love to go and what their very favorite activities are. And let me know where you are located as well. This is plenty of information to start brainstorming photo session spots!

All images © Susannah Allen 2015

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