Boy in Super Hero outfit at Red Rocks park in Colorado

Family Photography

Denver Colorado Family Photography at Red Rocks

Family Photography Session at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado

This Denver Colorado family photography session at Red Rocks is not the first time that I’ve been lucky enough to photograph this family. (But it is the first time the Super Heroes came along for portraits too!) I keep saying this: it is an honor to photograph the same family over and over again! I have enjoyed spending a few hours every year with this not-quite-so-little-anymore fellow, goofing off, and taking portraits of him.

We manage to choose different photography locations every year, and each has its own color scheme.

  • Red Rocks was lush with reds and oranges (obviously).
  • We photographed at City Park in Denver once, where it was mostly green.
  • And then there was a park in Parker, Colorado during fall color season, so there was lots of yellow.

I am pretty relaxed about home decor, but this could be something to consider if you are a great interior designer…matching the background colors of your desired photo session location with your walls and other home decor. Of course, converting images to black and white makes all of that matching super easy!

At any rate, please enjoy this Denver Colorado family photo session. I especially love the Super Hero costume images. So sweet. And, as always, many thanks to the lovely family for their support, and I hope to see you three next year!

All images © Susannah Allen 2017

View a couple past portraits of this Denver Colorado family in my family photography portfolio. I am shocked to discover more images haven’t appeared in past blog posts! (That could be because I switched up my family photography websites a couple of times, and perhaps lost a post or two?!) At any rate, if I have any down time this winter, I will definitely share some of those photographs with you!

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