a man sings into an old microphone while playing his guitar


August 9, Boulder St. Julien Event Photography

I was honored to photograph this group of folks who were playing music on a Saturday night at the St. Julien in Boulder, Colorado. The group consistently plays the St. Julien and is comprised of the talented Phil, his son, and several friends. With the younger ones heading off to college, the appearances at the St. Julien will become rarer, so I was there to document the special night. When the son’s high school music teacher (as well as a teacher to several other present musicians) got up to play with the group, I got goosebumps. To see the enthusiasm of the musicians, to hear their talent….I would like to thank the teacher for the wonderful, important job that he has. It was a great night to hang at the St. Julien.

All images © Susannah Allen 2012

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