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August 13, Boulder Colorado Photography {Wonderland Lake Hike}

So I love wedding photography and I love to travel. Love. Heart. BUT. BUT these two loves of mine are interfering with another love of mine: Colorado’s Great Outdoors. I’ve been so busy on weekends when my husband and friends are free that I’ve spent under 24 hours in the “back country” camping, and that was way back in early June. I’ve only done a couple of hikes, certainly not any 14ers (and certainly not glissading down any 14ers like I did last summer for my bachelorette party). Luckily I have a few weeks to set things right and hopefully tackle Mt. Elbert, La Plata, or some other 14,000+ peek. I have a few more weeks to head into the mountains before I am faced with snow, and if I don’t get to enjoy the Colorado Rockies, Oregon’s Cascades will have to suffice. (Can’t wait!) And for more outdoor motivation, I am committing to running another half-marathon in just 10 weeks from now. To summer! Enjoy every last drop!

These photos were taken at Wonderland Lake in Boulder on one of the hikes I have managed to take this summer. You have to love those Colorado wildflowers and how close awesome trails are to Boulder’s civilization. (And don’t get me wrong, this has been a fabulous summer spent with wonderful clients, old friends, family, and some of my favorite spots on earth!)

All images © Susannah Allen 2012

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