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Film Scans From A Longmont Family Lifestyle Session

Film Out-takes From a Longmont Family Photo Session

Family Photography at Rogers Grove


I shot a few roles of film during this Longmont family photo session. The mama Marj is also a photographer, and a lover of film photography.

As I have probably mentioned elsewhere on this site, I studied photography in college way back when, and remember being told that digital will never surpass film. In 2001, everything I did was film and darkroom based. While starting out as a professional photographer, I still incorporated film into my services, as I had not yet bought a full digital system. As my business became more successful and I had the money to purchase elements of my current camera systems, I went exclusively digital (except for a couple rolls of film shot for personal photos every now and again).

But, last year, I started to revisit film. I shot rolls of it at several photo sessions and have just enjoyed the process of learning photography all over again.

If you are interested in images made with film and owning negatives (they may far outlast digital in terms of storage!), I would love to include a roll in your session. Just let me know and we can brainstorm to make it happen!

The Film Scans

Part of the reason I stepped away from film is that everything is shared digitally in this day and age. It seemed a little silly to shoot a roll, get it developed, get it scanned, and then share it on a computer…But, hey, if doing it that way keeps film alive, then why not?

Below are a few of the film scans images from the family photo session. I haven’t touched any of them up in any sort of photography editing service. (I have no idea what full blown film photographers do these days!) If these were digital files, I’d bump up the contrast and do a few other things, but this is (almost) analog so I’m embracing it!

And other film scans that I’ve shared on my website can be viewed here at this Mundane Moments post and this Film Wedding Photography post.

All images © Susannah Allen 2016