Family Lifestyle photography session at Thompson, Park in Longmont, Colorado.

Longmont Colorado Family Photo Session

Fun Wandering Around a Park with One of My Favorite Families

Longmont Colorado Family Lifestyle Photography Session at Thompson Park

I’ve been so fortunate to photograph this family for the past several years. The mom Alison is amazing–I always get the feeling that she is leaving the world a better place than she has found it. And photographing the boys is always so much fun. Besides the fact they could be models, I learn a little bit about what brothers close in age are like as they grow up together…and try to imagine what my life as a mom and what my own two sons will be like next year, in the following year, and on and on.

This year we met up at Thompson Park, and I enjoyed wandering around the features of the park to capture the family. I love, love, love laughter and motion in family photography, so we purposefully wandered around the park throwing leaves and telling really bad jokes. Does it get any better?

And does it get any better than photographing the same families year after year? This is such an honor for me. It is such a privilege to see the changes in kids as they grow another year older, and to witness how parents interact with their children during different phases and stages. One thing is for sure–there is always an abundance of love to capture.

So enjoy these images of this Longmont Colorado family photo session. And thank you for your time.

All images © Susannah Allen 2017

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