July 12, 2012 Long Island New York Photography

This has been a spring and summer full of trips. Ever since April, I have been on the go: 10 days in the Caribbean for my honeymoon, 7 days in New York, 9 days in Maryland and Delaware. Next up is New York for another week, then Oregon, and then probably North Carolina. Phew! I love that I am fortunate to get to travel, visit with loved ones, and take photographs along the way. I am also discovering that I love being home just as much, enjoying photographing weddings, people, pets and partaking in summer activities like sailing, long walks with my dog, and swimming in my in-laws pool. And not to mention how good it feels in our den with the AC cranked and a blanket on while my husband and I watch True Blood marathons.

These photos are some from my trip back in May to Long Island, NY. I am looking forward to heading back there next week to attend my cousin’s wedding and see family on my dad’s side. I will also get to spend a night in the city and do a maternity photo session with one of my most important friends. And hopefully I will get to glimpse at the Atlantic one more time before next year.

All images © Susannah Allen 2012

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