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Fall Family Portraits in Lyons, Colorado

Lifestyle Family Portraits in Lyons, Colorado

A Longmont Family Heads to the South Saint Vrain

I am thankful to be busy taking fall family portraits. Moms and dads are soaking up these last weeks (hopefully weeks, or even months!) of nice weather and the changing colors, and wanting to capture their family before the cold weather arrives.

This Longmont family was no different. I met up with them along the banks of the South Saint Vrain River just outside of Lyons, Colorado to photograph them walking around and hanging out…you know, being as natural and low-key as possible while getting their portraits taken! We walked by the river, climbed a tree, hung out on some old rock stairs, and soaked in the fall color. Enjoy the images, and thank you for visiting my website and blog!

I still have some days and times I can work in your family if you want to book your fall portraits before the holidays! (Perfect for holiday cards, of course.)

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