Wedding Photography Portfolio

Outdoor and Mountain Weddings from Maryland to Colorado to Oregon

How do you choose which images to share? How does one photo do an entire wedding justice? I don’t know, so I just chose a few of my favorite wedding photographs to share in this portfolio. They may not be the most beautiful wedding day images, but they are the real moments that I love best. I am especially fond of capturing a little motion and a lot of emotion (both laughter and tears) in my images. And I love the candid photos–showing that your aunts and uncles and cousins and best friends from across the country were at your wedding is really important to me.

And, just so you know, I hope that the images captured in this portfolio were not THE.BEST.DAY.EVER. for these couples. I hope that the wedding was a celebration of a new life, of love, of the support of family and friends. But I hope that the best day ever is a mundane Saturday years into the future…when you can sleep in late, cook a nice breakfast, read the papers, go for a hike, nap together, and realize how great being together is.

But back to the photographs. They were taken at wedding venues from coast to coast. The portfolio features outdoor weddings, mountain weddings, farm weddings, and church weddings. From a 4-H camp in the mountains of Western Maryland to the elegant Manor House in Littleton CO; from the charming Lone Hawk Farm in Longmont CO to a Victorian bed and breakfast in Eugene OR; from a Denver Catholic church to the Arapahoe Basin ski resort, I enjoyed photographing all of these amazing weddings.

I  love outdoor weddings, especially in the scenic mountains of the west. Many of my wedding couples have an outdoor wedding ceremony, an outdoor cocktail hour, and then an indoor wedding reception. I am more than comfortable photographing weddings in all sorts of lighting and weather conditions thanks to my 10 years of wedding photography experience.

I try to keep this gallery updated, but examples of my latest wedding photography can be found on my blog.