Family lifestyle photography session featuring a mom and her baby boy.

Longmont Colorado Baby Boy and Mama Photography

Baby Boy and Mama Photography

Last year I headed to a girlfriend’s home to take some photos of her and her baby boy. I sort of invited myself over because I had some photography ideas I wanted to try, thanks to my mentorship with Yan Palmer, my very favorite ex-family photographer (she’s pursuing other interests these days). I wanted to play where the shadows meet the light. I wanted to play with a flock of chickens getting a little too close to little baby. I wanted to play with depth .

I brought my digital camera along, but I also brought a couple film cameras as well. One of them was my old Canon Elan 7, which is the camera I used way back in college when I was an art major with a focus on photography. This is significant because my friend was also an art major with a focus on photography at my small college back in Maryland.

Life is amazing. When I was out photographing the tobacco barns of Southern Maryland and playing in the darkroom for hours and hours until the wee hours of the morning while listening to Keb Mo or the Dead, I never once hought that my Canon Elan 7 would one day live with me all the way across the country  in Colorado, and that it would be photographing my friend and her baby!

Such is life.

Anyway, I ended up falling in love with the baby, and forgetting exactly why I was there. I didn’t concentrate too much on my crazy goals and ideas because catching up with my friend and cooing over her son seemed more important. And little babies don’t love being place in the light, right near the shadows. And moms don’t love their new babies being placed right by a flock of curious chickens.

Here are the photographs from that day last year. The last two are the film photos. I love the blurry image of mom holding sweet baby boy.

All images © Susannah Allen 2017

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