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Colorado Snowy Mountain Engagement Session

Mountain Engagement Session

Nederland, Colorado

Elly and Evan and the Wind

I love heading off the beaten path for photography sessions. So when Elly and Evan were excited to try something different, I suggested heading to the ghost town of Caribou, just outside of Nederland, Colorado. I knew the snow and the views would be amazing, and that this outdoorsy couple would have so many options. But I should have factored in the possibility of intense wind. Eldora is a notoriously windy ski resort, at least in my mind. And I’ve been winter hiking in the mountains around Ned to know that wind is likely. So while I knew it might be windy, I wasn’t expecting wind that would cause you to gasp and your chest to ache every time you opened your mouth to speak. I’m pretty sure that Evan and Elly weren’t expecting that either, and I was so impressed with their enthusiasm and effort to deal with the blustery cold day.

We hung out at the ghost town for as long as our limbs would permit (and probably a little longer than the engaged couple would have liked)…and then we headed back down the mountain road, taking photos along the way. We stopped by the coffee house Salto once we lost the sunlight to hang around their fire pit, drink warm beverages, and take a few more photos.

Enjoy these engagement photos. If you are looking for an engagement photographer and would like some awesome backdrops, contact me and we can brainstorm up some fun!

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