October 5, Utah Landscape Photography {Arches National Park}

After the raft trip I took in Utah last month, my husband and I headed to Moab to check out their Pasta Jay’s restaurant (no wait!) and Arches National Park. I had been to Arches once before, but had my dog with me, so didn’t really get in a whole lot of exploring. This time I did the 7 mile Devils Garden Primitive Loop hike, spending hours in the fresh desert air while thinking about Edward Abbey’s book Desert Solitaire and contemplating how on earth the rock formations were formed. Utah is a strange place.

Of course, I took a lot of photos even though I had my old camera and its kit lens and even though I am not a huge fan of landscape photography. (I always think, if you are going to do landscape photography, you need a large format camera and sheet film!) But who wouldn’t want to capture the strange shapes and vibrant colors of the Utah landscape?!

roadway and red rocks

Stormy day in Moab

This photo is a scan from film taken in May of 2005. It turns out that I have a thing for this stretch of roads and rock formations! I wish we had these awesome storm clouds on the recent visit.

Moon and rocks in Utah

Moab Utah landscape photography

Moab Utah

Do you see the arch in this photo? How about the people?!

Arches National Park photography

Moab Utah red rock photography

Moab Utah rock formations

Arches National Park Moab, Utah

Moab Utah

Okay, so I am afraid of heights. This “rockway” was only about 8 feet wide with a huge drop (100s of feet!) on each side. The photo does no justice in showing how brave I was being!


Arches National Park photography

A reminder of the impermanence of these massive formations.


Deer crossing

A deer crossing sign. Since I saw some antelope(s?) in Utah, I was wishing for an antelope crossing sign for my Phish nerds!


Photography of a canyon outside of Moab Utah

Landscape photography

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