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Eugene Oregon Wedding Photography | Anya + Andrew

Colorful DIY Eugene, OR Outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Campbell Community Center

Anya and Andrew got married on the first weekend in October in lovely Eugene, Oregon in the fall of 2016. In the months leading up to her wedding day, Anya promised me that the first Saturday in October is guaranteed to be sunshine and unicorns beautiful weather, and she was right. It was a warm/cool/blue sky day for an outdoor wedding ceremony and outdoor wedding reception.

There are many things I loved about their wedding weekend including:

  • Family and friends coming together the morning of the wedding to set everything up for the ceremony and reception. It takes a village! The love that everyone has for the couple was so apparent.
  • The night before the wedding, all guests were invited on a bike ride around Eugene. And if guests couldn’t ride a bike, no worries. Bike cabs were hired to help everyone celebrate.
  • Getting to do a post-wedding photo session at a local Eugene park. (And Anya sure was lucky–it POURED on Sunday during the session.)
  • Pinata time! This is the only wedding that I have photographed that included a pinata. And it was in the shape of a waffle…
  • Waffles! The couple loves them so much that they had a waffle buffet to feed their guests. Everyone helped by contributing toppings…and eating the deliciousness of course.
  • Anya had “sweet annie” flowers there. I had received some from my local farm share a week before the wedding to preserve it. It is still hanging up in my kitchen and reminds me of this fabulous wedding weekend when I look at it. Smiles.
  • I really could go on and on about their wedding. The bottom line is that it was an extremely lovely wedding that was full of many details that celebrated the couple, full of family and friends who clearly support and love the couple, and full of the personality of the couple.

All images © Susannah Allen 2016