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In Home Newborn Photography Session with More Tips

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I believe that moms need to be in photos with their families. Today. While your kids are still shorter than the kitchen counters and your home is cluttered with LEGOS, stuffies, and piles of laundry. 
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Colorado In Home Newborn Photography Session

Are you pregnant, or do you know someone who is? Considering a newborn photography session?

Keep reading for some tips and thoughts on how to prepare for an in home newborn photography session.

But first, I was so, so lucky to spend a couple hours with this sweet newborn baby boy and his amazing parents. (Dad actually attended my rival high school from back in Maryland–small world!)

I packed up my photo gear (bringing extra lighting in case his home was on the dark side) and headed to the in-home newborn photography session.

When I got there, I was in love. First of all, Mr. Bowie is one of the cutest little babies: beautiful, healthy coloring. The sweetest lips. The littlest buddy. Second, mama should be a full-time professional interior decorator. Her home was gorgeous–neutral colors, great window light, and pops of fun decor. Third, papa was another great dad–patient, fun, and engaged. And did I mention how cute newborn baby boy Bowie is?

While there, I thought of more tips for mamas, papas, and anyone planning a newborn photography session.

smiling newborn baby boy
mom kisses newborn baby son's head


I love photographing hands during newborn photography sessions: mom’s hands on newborn baby, dad’s hands on newborn baby, grandma’s hands on baby, grandpa’s hands on baby, newborn baby’s hands. You get the idea. For good-looking hands in photos:

  • Consider getting (or giving yourself) a manicure before your photography session.
  • At the very least, lotion up your hands.
  • I don’t care if baby has long nails. I remember how hard trimming my newborn baby’s hands was. I love capturing some of the fingernail craziness since it reminds of real life. But, those long baby nails may cause little scratches on your new buddy. I typically edit the scratches out in some photos, but leave them in others for a little dose of reality. I am happy to further edit out as flaws after you see your images, if you prefer.newborn baby handbaby handsdad looks at camera while holding newborn baby boy

    Clothing and Accessories

    Almost all of my mama clients love reading what-to-wear-to-a-photo-session outfit posts.

  • I love how this mama wore neutrals and put her spouse in them as well. (Okay, maybe Dad dressed himself–I have no idea–and they both did a great job.)
  • She had plain onesies available for her little son.
  • She also had other items she wanted in photos readily available (a special blanket in this case). Gathering these items before I am there helps to ensure you’ll get the photos you want.new mama and her newborn baby boymom looks at her newborn baby boynewborn baby boy shows off his lower lip


    I know parents of newborns are exhausted. So I do my very best to shoot so that clutter is minimized. I also am known to move stuff and furniture around a bit during an in home photography session. But if you have any spare moments, consider reducing clutter in your home. I typically photograph families on beds, couches, and by windows, so those are the key areas to target. Of course, I don’t want to add too much stress, so do what you can!

    shadowy photo of new mama looking at newborn baby sonnew family of three pose on bedfamily of three including newborn babypose by leather chair

    Tricking Newborn Baby

  • Crank the heat before I arrive. This helps keep baby on the tired side, which helps with photos.
  • Feed newborn baby. Nursing/bottle breaks are 5000% fine. It seems that modeling makes newborn babies extra hungry–parents often ending up feeding them a bit more than normal during a photography session.
  • mom leans on wall and holds newborn baby boy in lap
    mom hold newborn baby boy during photo sessionmom and dad and their newborn baby son

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