October 15, Oregon!

I love to travel, and this past summer I did plenty of it. I especially love going to new places, so clearly my visit to Oregon was one of my favorite events of the summer. I went there to photograph a wedding at a bed and breakfast in Eugene, Oregon (images featured soon), but managed to drive about 1500 miles while I was there, from Portland into Vancouver, WA (do I get to count Washington as a state I’ve been to if I didn’t get out of the car?!) then onto the Oregon Coast (my favorite was Cannon Beach and buying cheese in Tillamook), then down more roads to Eugene. From Eugene I headed along a river and up a mountain pass then to crazy old lava fields before arriving to a trail head for an overnight backpacking trip. I saw a lot, and marveled at the number of drive-thru coffee huts (must be to avoid the rain in the fall, winter, spring?), the fruit and vegetables at the Eugene Market (I overhead a farmer saying, “This is as good as it gets for the year,” at the lush produce available the day I was there), and just how dry (dusty) and cool Oregon can be in the summer. I would move there in a heartbeat, if it wasn’t for November-June. Many thanks to Mandy and Jordan for hiring me to be their wedding photographer and to Anya for hosting me, so that I get to visit their beautiful state.

All images © Susannah Allen 2012