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Multi-generational Family Portraits

I Love Grandparents

When one of my girlfriends from my small Maryland college contacted me that she would be in Boulder, Colorado (all the way from England, no less!) to visit her grandparents, and asked if I had time to photograph her multi-generational family, I said, yes, of course. When it comes to anyone’s grandparents, I will always do my best to find the time.

Grandparents are my favorite. I think are among the most important guests at weddings. And to include grandparents or great-grandparents in a family photo session…that is pretty special/important/meaningful/beautiful. So, yes, of course I found time to photograph this family.

Outdoor Boulder Family Photo Session

We met up on a spring day during the brief visit, and we just hung out. Sisters, children, husband, grandparents…a pink balloon, a red wagon, and a train (because toddler boy). We hung out on a beautiful, green, rural property. I just captured the family interacting…There was no posing the toddler girl, and I absolutely loved the scowls she gave me. I loved the expressions Keating’s grandma made…so beautiful and happy. And Keating looks like an angel to me as she holds her sleeping babe. And, Dad and son rough-housing, since that how it seems to go down.

Enjoy, and thank you for your time.

All images © Susannah Allen 2015