Longmont Colorado Baby + Family Portraits

Longmont Colorado Family Photos with the Cutest Baby

The Cutest Baby — Sighting at Thompson Park in Longmont!

On a stormy evening late last spring I met up with this beautiful family to photograph the cutest baby boy at Thompson Park in Longmont, Colorado. When I look at these photos today, I feel so happy. This little fella’ was the most mellow, seemingly wise and super observant guy. And such a cutie pie! I enjoyed spending time with the family of three.

I love so many of these images…the baby lying on the blanket with his head up, smiling dad, mom and baby’s arms and hands, portraits of mama and baby. He is just the cutest baby!

I also included a photo of crying baby boy. It breaks my heart to look at it, but I did want to share it show you guys that it is totally normal for kiddos to have tears during a photography session! There is no reason to stress out about this or worry about this…just stay calm, regroup, embrace it…

And, if you live in the Longmont area, I enjoy photographing at Thompson Park because there are so many lighting options–areas of shade from the magnificent trees (which as you all know, can be a rarity here in Colorado) and areas of sun for more dramatic images. On this day, we had a lot of cloud coverage, and I was worried about the weather holding out. Luckily we got in a full session…and at the very end…the skies opened up. Perfect timing, mother nature. Thank you.

All images © Susannah Allen 2017

More Thoughts on Colorado Weather

In all my years of photographing families and couples outdoors, I can’t recall having to reschedule a photography session due to weather (major knock on wood, right?!). I was a little concerned before this photography session started, but it turned out to not be a big deal.

Sure, I’ve encountered downpours, but because our weather changes so quickly, we’ve either delayed the start of a session or taken a little break until the weather subsides. And rain storms typically mean cloud coverage and great, soft lighting for photos…or else they mean dramatic clouds and lighting, which is also great for photos. Of course, if it was thundering/lightning or pouring for great lengths of time, I would be happy to reschedule a session.

And a quick word on wind: Colorado can be super windy. I recommend layering up on a windy day and bringing a hair tie/pony tail holder if you have long hair. I love me some hair blowing in the wind for portraits, but in a large group, that can be a little nuts! Hair ties help! On a couple occasions, it has been windy enough that we have moved the portrait session to a different location, so this is an option for you as well.

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