Fort Collins Brewery Wedding Celebration

Grandparents, getting ready, late night dancing…these have always been among my favorite things to photograph during weddings. But this year, I have also been enjoying the formal portraits a lot more. I used to stress out about them, but now I just try to go with the flow. Instead of looking for the perfect shaded location, I am more eager to play with highlights and shadows, or back-light people for even lighting on their faces. And (as always) I try to go through them quickly, without a lot of fuss. Let’s do them, try to get real laughs (perhaps thanks to the one joke that I can remember)(which I also made up), try to capture a bit of motion, and let’s get you back to mingling and celebrating with the most important people in your life.

The wedding portraits featured in this blog post were taken at Meg and Brady’s surprise wedding in Fort Collins last fall. I had a blast photographing them at CSU’s campus and throughout the back alleys of downtown Fort Collins before their marriage celebration at the Pateros Creek Brewing Co.

All images © Susannah Allen 2014