Celebrate Family and Love with an In Home Photo Session!

Photography Session in Your Home at a Special Winter Rate

Happy 2018 everyone! To celebrate the new year, family, and love I am offering in home photo sessions at a super special rate.

Before I go into the details, let me just take a few moments to rave about in home photo sessions. They are my favorite. They are the most natural way to capture your *****family. There’s always meaningful stuff to do in your home–cooking, playing musical instruments, jumping on a bed, chilling on a couch. But tailored totally to your family. Kids love them because they can play with toys. Dads love them because they can chill for a bit if they need a little break from the photos. I love capturing you in a space that tells your story as it is right now.

*****Please know that every time I use the word family, I am not necessarily referring to a mom, dad, and kids. I love photographing every iteration of family there is, be it blood relations or life friendships of all ages, with or without kiddos. Pets welcome.

The Details

What exactly are you offering?
Lifestyle photography sessions in your home. I capture you and yours in your space.

January and February. That’s right! This offer is good for two.whole.months. (Okay, well almost two whole months since it is the third day of January…) There is one catch: all photography sessions must be booked and paid for in full by January 31. 

Boulder, Longmont, Denver, Fort Collins…basically, within an hour radius of Boulder, Colorado.

How much money?
My lifestyle photography sessions typically cost $500, but I am offering these  in home photo sessions for $300. This is my 2018 gift to you–you have no excuse not to refresh your family photos.

What do I receive?
You get to hang out with me for an hour or so! And also the very best digital files from your session, via download. Probably about 50-75 images capturing connection, love, and laughter in your home. With printing rights.

Do I need to clean my home? What if it’s a mess?
It’s up to you. I photograph in ways and angles that help hide any messes. And we can move things as needed. So I advise you not to stress about this (although I am not gonna’ lie…I probably would if it were my home, but with two young boys, nothing stays nice looking for more than 10 minutes)(so don’t stress).

Do they really need to take place in my home?
Yes, pretty much. But we can go outside in your yard. Or up and down your neighborhood streets. Close to your home.

How do I play?
Send me an email and I will be in touch. Please list a couple days and times that work for you (mornings are best!), where you live, the names of those who will be photographed, as well as the ages of any kiddos.

All images © Susannah Allen 2016-2017